In response

My initial reaction to the legalization of gay marriage was that it was not an issue that involved me. My support of Prop 8 came when I realized that the legalization of gay marriage was being used as a weapon, if you will, against doctors, churches, and others who did not wish to actively support gay marriage. For example, the doctor who did not wish to participate in the fertilization of the lesbian gave the woman a referral to another doctor. He did not deny her the opportunity to receive the services she wished to receive; he simply did not wish to be a participant. A minister was sued for not performing a gay marriage of a couple who were not even in his congregation. There are pastors perfectly willing to participate in this type of wedding.

Therefore, my support of Prop 8 really has little to do with the subject of gay marriage itself. I personally have different views of marriage and family life than many in the mainstream, but I don’t feel I have the right to insist that they support me by participating in medical procedures or religious rites if it goes against their personal beliefs. I would never stand in the way of a couple having whatever type of wedding ceremony they wish.

There is also the fact that if gay marriage remains legal the schools will have to include that in their presentations and materials. It’s already happening in Massachussetts. The government needs to stay out of these types of moral issues.


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