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8 Responses to “About”

  1. Standing4Freedom Says:

    I am an American citizen, a woman, and a parent writing to express concern about the direction our country is taking.

    Freedom of speech and freedom of religion form the nucleus of America’s founding ideology. We are at a crossroads where citizens are being forced to participate in practices against the tenets of their faith or give up professions or charitable concerns.

    A Catholic adoption agency which would not adopt babies to homosexual couples was forced to close its doors. What about the agency’s right to practice the tenets of its faith? What about the mother’s right to place her child for adoption in a situation she deems most beneficial to the child?

    A doctor was forced to choose between giving up his career or participating in the fertilization of a lesbian. There are other doctors available to perform this service. To force someone into participating in a practice against his or her personal beliefs goes against everything this country stands for.

    A religious university being forced to house homosexual couples in married student housing, churches being forced to allow homosexual marriages in their buildings or close their doors to the public…these are consequences of the legalization of gay marriage which have already occurred.

    It is one thing to uphold the rights of the individual to his or her lifestyle; it is another to force others to support the lifestyle. A vote for Proposition 8 is NOT about denying homosexuals the opportunity to participate in a wedding ceremony or to receive the legal benefits already protected by California’s domestic partnership laws. What it IS about is protecting the twin freedoms of speech and religion.

  2. Becky Says:

    Beautifully written. I totally agree. It isn’t about denying homosexuals, but protecting everyone’s rights. Thanks

  3. Krista Phelps Says:

    I could not agree more! I love America one of the reasons is because of the freedom it gives me to speak on any issue and the freedom of religion I have. Those freedoms are threatened with extinction if proposition 8 does not pass. Yes on Proposition 8! -Krista

  4. Helen Says:

    I keep thinking why is the minority being forced on the majority. This is not the American way. I agree that homosexuals should have their domestic partnership rights, but why oh why do my grandchildren have to taught about alternative lifestyles at such a young age. Children should be taught about moral issues by their parents, not by the schools.

  5. Thor Says:

    “What it IS about is protecting the twin freedoms of speech and religion.” Excuse me? I had no idea that suppressing Americans by denying them the right to marry the man or woman they love is considered freedom of speech. Sure, freedom of speech protects your right as an individual to support Prop 8, but if you were a true backer of our first Constitutional Amendment you’d be willing to support millions of gay couples and their freedom to marry.

  6. standing4freedom Says:

    My initial reaction to the legalization of gay marriage was that it was not an issue that involved me. My support of Prop 8 came when I realized that the legalization of gay marriage was being used as a weapon, if you will, against doctors, churches, and others who did not wish to actively support gay marriage. For example, the doctor who did not wish to participate in the fertilization of the lesbian gave the woman a referral to another doctor. He did not deny her the opportunity to receive the services she wished to receive; he simply did not wish to be a participant. A minister was sued for not performing a gay marriage of a couple who were not even in his congregation. There are pastors perfectly willing to participate in this type of wedding.

    Therefore, my support of Prop 8 really has little to do with the subject of gay marriage itself. I personally have different views of marriage and family life than many in the mainstream, but I don’t feel I have the right to insist that they support me by participating in medical procedures or religious rites if it goes against their personal beliefs. I would never stand in the way of a couple having whatever type of wedding ceremony they wish.

    There is also the fact that if gay marriage remains legal the schools will have to include that in their presentations and materials. It’s already happening in Massachussetts. The government needs to stay out of these types of moral issues.

  7. Susan Says:


    Calm down and read it again, and you will see that this is not about denying anybody the freedom to choose to live the way they want. If gay couples freedom to marry comes with lawsuits against every religious organization or other agency or organizational that does not want to accept or condone this lifestyle, that is the ground on which we object to it.

    The concerns that Standing4Freedom discusses are concerns about things that are being forced upon agencies and individuals, in the name of progress or open-mindedness, that go against what they stand for, and should be allowed to continue to stand for. If a religion does not condone the practice of homosexuality, their ministers should not be forced legally to perform gay marriages. I have gay friends and have stood up to co-workers for their anti-gay comments, even though my religious beliefs are different. I do not condemn any friends who have lifestyles that do not adhere to one aspect or another of my belief system, but I won’t stand idly by while changes are forced upon institutions and individuals that go against what they stand for, and have the right to stand for. Put in other terms, we should not sue “Bob’s House of Pancakes” for not serving pork chops. If you like pork chops, go somewhere that serves them, but don’t sue Bob for only serving breakfast foods and for discriminating against lunch and dinner. The problem comes in when in expecting others to support gay issues, they are being asked to abandon their own moral code in the process. That is what we have a problem with. Gay people don’t just want gay marriage. They want being gay to be completely accepted as a normal healthy lifestyle, to be taught in the schools, to have our children and grandchildren believe they should be free to explore attractions to both sexes. We should still have the right, gay marriage or not, to teach our children that we believe homosexuality is not right, according to our religious beliefs. And you have the right to see us as ignorant bigots. To each his own.

  8. Aria Says:

    I am only 14, and I am already worring about whatever stupid laws the government will make up for me to vote on by the time I am 18. YES ON PROP 8!!!

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